Company Profile

Company name Business Associates K.K.
Founded 27 November, 1987
Capital 100 million yen
Employees 94 (Apr. 2021)
Address ORIX Shinagawa Bldg.4F, 2-5-3 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 108-0075
Access □ Shinagawa Branch

ORIX Shinagawa Bldg. 4F,2-5-3 Konan Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0075

□ Mita Branch

First Okada Bldg. 7F,4-3-5 Shiba, Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0014

Subsidiary Business Associates Singapore Pte.Ltd.
24 Peck Seah Street #04-02
Nehsons Building Singapore 079314
ORIX Shinagawa Bldg.4F, 2-5-3 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 108-0075
Service Provision of business system solutions optimized for our client companies using our own application package which we know best. Implementation support and on-going support services for our clients for their effective and continuous usage of our provided or proposed solutions. Business and system consulting by our experienced consultants from the standpoint of the management. Research and development of business application packages using most advanced IT technology.
Features We have a number of clients who are foreign affiliated companies operating in Japan (Gaishi-kei), who use bilingual function supported by our package system. We have a number of users of Plaza-i Accounting system, which supports not only bilingual and multi-currency functions but also necessary functions for group companies. We have many clients who are Japanese midsize firms, and who use “Plaza-i” in full scale as their business management system. We have in-house consultants and support staff as well as system engineers and programmers. We have clients who expand their business overseas and therefore who need multi-currency and bilingual functions in their system.
Officers Takeshi Saitoh
Certified public accountant, System audit technician, Oracle Certified Professional

Hitoshi Miyagi
Certified public accountant, Licensed tax accountant

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Masatoshi Ishikawa
Auditor, Licensed tax accountant

Corporation lawyer Shinjuku Law Office Shinjuku Building 4th floor, 1-8-1 Nishi-shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan 160-0023
Member of ・The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry ・GCCIJ(German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan) ・ITGI(IT Governance Institute) Japan ・JETRO(Japan External Trade Organization) Members ・Oracle Partner Network
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