Machine trading company

Companies engaging in wholesaling/retailing of industrial applications, consumer electronics, information devices, and accompanying parts

category: Specialized trading company 

Desired Requirements

  • Managing machines by serial numbers (individually), you need to manage specification, warranty period, and maintenance history.
  • It is necessary to include export/import-related and installment labor costs in profits and loss management by project.
  • Before contract agreement, it is essential to carry out project profitability and credit limit management.
  • You must manage maintenance contracts after delivery as well.
  • You need to manage a wide variety of goods and services such as set items, repairs, leasing, and lending.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

Various inventory management

Plaza-i realizes the setup of inventory management units by item, managing machines individually and parts by item. It is possible to manage inventories by status such as under inspection, lending, repair, and defect.

Total management of a wide range of product information.

You can register and manage the appearance information, warranty period, and maintenance history of individually managed machines.

Profit and loss management by project considering expenses as well.

In addition to costs of purchased goods, Plaza-i includes labor costs and expenses incurred during the course of a project in profit and loss management by project.

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