Businesses handling distribution and maintenance for software, hardware, and networks

category: Service industry/Non-inventory business 

Desired Requirements

  • Provision of services and sales of items to be mixed in one transaction.
  • To record sales after installation and inspection followed by shipping your inventory or procured items to a customer directly from your warehouse or a purveyor.
  • To manage maintenance history of devices after delivery.
  • To manage maintenance contracts and maintenance history.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

Sales Order Voucher where Provision of Services and Product Sales Can Coexist.

One sales order voucher can contain hardware sales (product sales) and designing and installation work (rendering services). It is possible to include labor costs reported by in-charge person’s time report.

Recording Sales after Inspection.

One single voucher can process delivery to a customer (shipping) independently of sales recording.

Maintenance Contract Management.

You can reduce time and effort for recording sales and billing by registering indefinite/fixed-term service contracts of annual/monthly payment.

Maintenance History Management.

You can keep track of contacts from customers and your responses by having registered information on products and the names of devices, which you have delivered to each customer.

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