Food product trading company

Domestic purchases as well as imports of foods and foodstuffs for sale

category: Specialized trading company 

Desired Requirements

  • To perform estimated allocations as accurately as possible due to high rates of tariffs and import fees.
  • To carry out profit management per import shipping service, including foreign exchange contracts.
  • Necessity to give instructions to warehouses by carton unit, but actual shipping and billing are done using kilograms.
  • Warehouses assign a product a receiving number for their own use at time of receiving.
  • You handle imports by other companies’ names, so you need to handle the change of ownership, etc.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

Profit Management per Import Shipping Service.

Estimated allocations of import fees are possible per shipping deal, so you can compare with actual results.

Ample Functions to Support Everyday Operations.

Plaza-i supports unit conversion for delivery from when purchased, handling catch-weight items, and good use-by date management.

Inventory Management by Receiving Number.

In addition to per lading contract number, it is capable of inventory management per receiving number of the warehouse. You can link the number to an inventory record. Plaza-i allows you to process through goods-in-transit, arrival, and delivery in one step, which accelerates the monthly closing.

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