Machine components/Daily necessities trading company

Trading companies (Shosha) handling electric/electronic components, industrial materials, consumer goods, and engaging in wholesaling

category: Specialized trading company 

Desired Requirements

  • To allocate inventories to sales orders and give shipping instructions to relevant warehouses.
  • Necessity to manage appropriate inventory quantities by an automatic purchasing process when the inventory quantity of a certain item falls below its minimum, etc.
  • To track supplying parts for outsourced processing operations, processing-on-commission arrangements, processing costs management.
  • It is essential to support various EDI transactions with manufacturers and retailers.
  • You handle imports and exports and wish to perform trading management.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

Inventory Management.

Inventory allocation at time of sales order will allow you to track the quantity available to delivery in real-time. Using the Purchase Planning feature, you can sustain proper inventory and prevent shortages.

Outsourced Processing Operation.

Thanks to Plaza-i’s standard functions of processing cost entry, parts inventory management, and batch transfer of finished goods, complex operations can be handled smoothly.

EDI Transaction.

Plaza-i can flexibly support data formats differing from client to client and is capable of data importation. You will have complete control of data from importation to accounting processes.

Trading Management.

Foreign currency management and output of trading related reports are available.

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