Chemical/Pharmaceutical trading company

Companies engaging in sales and rentals of chemical and medical products, related machinery and equipment, and other relevant transactions or services

category: Specialized trading company 

Desired Requirements

  • To manage detailed information of use-by dates per product lot number, figures on labels, component amounts, etc.
  • In order to produce your own products or OEM items for customers, you need to outsource manufacturing to other companies and have them process your multiple inventories.
  • Necessity to register license information per client when you sell hazardous substances that require certain licenses to handle legality.
  • Necessity to register storage conditions such as room/freezing/cooling temperature and handling conditions for transportation such as Fragile and This Side Up.
  • Selling medical devices, you wish to manage serial numbers, rentals, and maintenance contracts.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

Inventory Management with Lot Number.
  • Lot number allocation at time of sales order
  • Automatic lot number allocation at time of delivery or by FIFO method
  • Manual allocation at time of delivery
  • Viewing histories of stock-in/out and sales with lot number as the key
  • Managing lot number detail information
Processing/Packing Style Change, Unit Conversion.

Packing style change that divides a drum-unit item into bag units is supported. Also, you can manage metalworking processes such as rolling.

Requirements Unique to Chemical and Medical Products.

You can register storage conditions as well as handling conditions for transportation and output them on picking lists, delivery notes, invoices, etc. You can register license information per client, and Plaza-i checks whether the client has an appropriate handling license at time of sales order.

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