Furniture/Interior company

Handling luxury furniture and interior goods

For Construction/Building consultant company

Business characteristics

  • Often handle make-to-order manufacturing, so different components are used and selling unit prices are variable depending on color or material.
  • Import luxury items.
  • Distribution management is necessary to specify the delivery date, transportation method, delivery time, and reservation of car allocation.
  • Engage in both wholesaling and retailing.
  • Handling superior goods, you also focus on customer relationship management.

Expected effects with Plaza-i

  • Complete Based on the complete item number and specification code that a user input, Plaza-i will automatically create a purchase order voucher that shows prices and procurement items, stock allocation voucher, request voucher for item-assembly. (Procurement deployment and shipping instruction functions)
  • You can create English reports to submit to your parent company or shipowner.
  • Plaza-i is equipped with ample functions for distribution management, so you can go paperless for distribution instructions.
  • You can check inventory and sales recorded in Plaza-i POS module of retail stores on a timely basis.
  • Plaza-i Client Management handles grouping of individuals’ information and contact history management.

Our solutions for you

  • Plaza-i Sales Management
  • Plaza-i Purchase Management
  • Plaza-i Logistics & Inventory
  • Plaza-i Receivable

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