Service industry/Non-inventory business

Your main source of revenues is provision of information or services not accompanied by selling goods.

For Service industry/Non-inventory business

Business characteristics

  • You do not keep goods in stock, but you need to issue sales invoices and post sales. Accounts receivable management is essential.
  • Perform billing and sales recording separately.
  • Wish to automate invoice issuing one or twice a year for recurring service contracts.
  • Wish to put together your staff’s work hours for each project and manage profits per project.

Expected effects with Plaza-i

  • To track sales per person per month accurately.
  • To prevent billing omissions for recurring service contracts.
  • To automate the transfer process of advance received and accounts receivable and save time and effort.

Our solutions for you

  • Plaza-i Sales Management
  • Plaza-i Purchase Management
  • Plaza-i Logistics & Inventory
  • Plaza-i Receivable

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