Shipping industry

Companies that provide marine transportation services and ship charterers

For Shipping industry

Business characteristics

  • Engage in foreign currency transactions and need revenue management per shipping service, port, shipping route, etc.
  • Must create and submit reports in English to your parent company or shipowner.
  • Wish to manage accounting operations for SPCs, the number of which changes significantly.
  • Wish to output financial statements in foreign currency in order to manage foreign ships (e.g., one vessel for one SPC).
  • Wish to register figures unrelated to accounting that do not show up on financial statements such as the number of ship crews, operating days, and volume and weight of freight.

Expected effects with Plaza-i

  • It is possible to put together multiple vessels per type, so you can, for example, combine Ship A and Ship B based on a category of “entrusted ship” to output a report on profit and loss.
  • Plaza-i Accounting module can process management accounting such as comparing revenues per shipping service/per route and budget vs actual comparison. Multiple financial statement templates are available.
  • Thanks to the foreign currency and bilingual functions, you can save time required for creation of English reports and journals that record foreign exchange gain/loss.
  • Multiple SPCs can be managed by few people.
  • Common expenses can be portioned out to vessels per figure unrelated to accounting such as volume of freight.

Our solutions for you

  • Plaza-i Sales Management
  • Plaza-i Purchase Management
  • Plaza-i Logistics & Inventory
  • Plaza-i Receivable

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