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Companies handling Shosha activities and functions in specific business categories
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Business characteristics

  • You usually sell in-stock items, but you often sell and deliver goods directly from suppliers to customers.
  • In addition to sales of purchased products, you adopt processing operations in the sales process to add extra value.
  • When you do business with large companies, inspections by statement of account and promissory notes transactions are often required.
  • Issuing notes payable is a large burden upon frequent transactions under such a payment term as 50% cash, 50% promissory notes for more than 1,000,000 yen per bill closing.
  • Having purchase/sales routes for import/export, you occasionally need to manage trades as part of day-to-day operations.

Expected effects with Plaza-i

  • By using the system from at the stage of sales order, you can save the hassle of hand-making ledgers.
  • Reducing the amount of documents to be input manually, you can split the data input burden of stock-taking at month-end.
  • Since you can check the estimated sales flash of this month even before the month ends, it is possible to make an effective sales strategy based on data.
  • Since Plaza-i covers from billing, cash collection, receivables, payment, and payables management, to general accounting, your company can improve efficiency of business operations as a whole.

Our solutions for you

  • Plaza-i Sales Management
  • Plaza-i Purchase Management
  • Plaza-i Logistics & Inventory
  • Plaza-i Receivable

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