Retail/Wholesale compound business

Companies that provide marine transportation services and ship charterers

For Retail & Wholesale compound business

Business characteristics

  • Not only wholesaling, but also directly manage retail stores.
  • Need to issue monthly billing statements as well as individual invoices on each occasion..
  • Advance invoice and receivable invoice are both necessary.
  • Wish to collect information on store customers.

Expected effects with Plaza-i

  • Without introducing other systems, you can handle all your business operations by single use of the Plaza-i system. You can establish a business system that is high in cost performance.
  • Plaza-i can combine multiple transactions into one billing statement as well as issue invoices each time, which will decrease complex processes of invoice creation and issuing.
  • Plaza-i supports advance invoices and automatically implements the status management of “account receivable” and “advance received” from the accounting viewpoint. You can make information entries without considering appropriate ledger accounts.
  • By introducing POS module, you can not only handle accounting processes at stores, but also collect information on store customers.
  • Plaza-i handles grouping of such collected customer information and you can use it to send direct mails and make marketing strategies.

Our solutions for you

  • Plaza-i Sales Management
  • Plaza-i Purchase Management
  • Plaza-i Logistics & Inventory
  • Plaza-i Receivable

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