Want to digitize trading processes?

Due to many manual operations such as making documents and calculating foreign exchange gain and loss, employment costs that are not directly related to your main business are considerable.
Since it takes time to output management index data, you may be losing business opportunities.

Characteristics of challenges

  • Foreign exchange calculation is complicated when there is an exchange difference at time of purchase and sales. Also, it is troublesome to make documents including for laws and regulations.
  • It is burdensome to keep track of the status of each shipping item such as Loading, Port of loading, Port of discharge, Departure date, and Arrival date.
  • Because sales, purchase, distribution, export, and accounting are managed in separate systems, it is difficult and inefficient to manage an entire contract.
  • You find it hard to keep tabs on accurate revenues per contract and for several suppliers; as a result, it takes time to analyze and review costs incurred as a whole and individually.

What employees want

  • To reduce the large amount of time and labor costs needed for daily operations and handling losses on regular stocktaking.
  • To improve transaction performance by decreasing documents to be made by individual’s decisions.
  • To handle purchases and sales of goods as if to handle domestic transactions.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

  • You can manage balances of receivables and payables in foreign currencies in Plaza-i that handles transactions in foreign currencies. Automatic calculation of foreign exchange loss or gain is also possible.
  • Plaza-i outputs trading documents such as invoice, reducing the amount of time required for processing daily tasks.
  • It is possible to manage revenues and receivables/payables of a whole company on a real time basis since you can process foreign-currency transactions in the same screens with domestic ones.

Our solutions for you

Plaza-i complies with Japanese local requirements while it supports foreign practices such as 4-4-5 week.

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