Want to manage companies expanding overseas?

You want to keep abreast of the management state of companies expanding overseas in timely fashion.

Characteristics of challenges

  • Your current system does not support foreign currencies or multiple languages, so it is not capable of managing foreign subsidiaries.
  • When it comes to internal control, you feel uneasy with software applications made in foreign countries.
  • It takes time to summarize data output from individual systems of each country, and in addition, accuracy is not ensured.

What employees want

  • To accelerate the consolidated accounting by unifying systems in foreign subsidiaries.
  • To grasp the management state of overseas subsidiaries in a timely manner.
  • To reinforce internal control.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

  • One database manages subsidiaries of multiple countries so that you can check the state of each subsidiary in a timely manner.
  • Thanks to the Japanese/English bilingual feature, non-Japanese-speaking local staff can input data.
  • Supporting both local and reporting currencies, Plaza-i allows you to input data in local currency and output consolidated reports in Japanese yen.

Our solutions for you

Plaza-i complies with Japanese local requirements while it supports foreign practices such as 4-4-5 week.

Businesses facing similar challenges

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