Want to standardize business process flow?

You want to review and update your operation flow.
You do not want to use your current system anymore as it depends on individual skills.

Characteristics of challenges

  • Only specific people know how to use your current system.
  • Only some people have access to the information that you need.
  • Due to waste in the operation flow and system flow, it takes time processing.

What employees want

  • To standardize and share operation and system flows and no longer rely on individual skills.
  • To let anyone output information anytime they need.
  • To see if their operation flow is appropriate.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

  • People ranging from management to a person in charge can output necessary information in timely fashion.
  • You can compare your current operation flow to our standard model one.
  • You can standardize your operation flow and no longer rely on individual skills.

Our solutions for you

Plaza-i complies with Japanese local requirements while it supports foreign practices such as 4-4-5 week.

Businesses facing similar challenges

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