Want to safely implement a system?

You are not used to system implementation and feel uneasy about implementation itself. You are not sure how to review your operation flow or even where to start.

Characteristics of challenges

  • Without skilled consultants or IT personnel, you find it difficult to come up with proper system requirements.
  • Although you wish to reconsider your operation flows, you are not sure what is appropriate for you.
  • You cannot spare time for system implementation, juggling with usual operations.
  • You are not sure if employees can learn how to use a new system at intense training sessions right before go-live.

What employees want

  • To remove anxiety toward system implementation.
  • To have a system where they can tell system requirements and operation needs to consultants.
  • To reorganize their operation flows in a process of implementation.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

  • Using an implementation method called CRP, you can use the system in practice even at the phrase of defining requirements so as to easily spot points to be considered and to be able to take time learning how to operate the system over a longer period of time.
  • Since you will talk with our consultants as you nagvigate Plaza-i, you can easily identify requirements and requests even if you are not very good with systems.
  • In order to review your current operation flow, you can compare it with Plaza-i’s standard operation flow.

Our solutions for you

Plaza-i complies with Japanese local requirements while it supports foreign practices such as 4-4-5 week.

Businesses facing similar challenges

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