Want to reinforce Internal Control?

Your current system is not unified and does not consider internal controls. Management indexes that are output from your current system are not guaranteed to be accurate.

Characteristics of challenges

  • Low reliability of figures that your current system outputs.
  • You want to reinforce internal control.
  • You want to reduce in-house documents by adopting electronic ledgers.

What employees want

  • To eliminate reports where figures change each time output is performed.
  • It is necessary to reinforce internal control to become a listed company or due to being a subsidiary of a listed company.
  • They do not want to pay rent only to store a large number of documents.

What is possible with Plaza-i?

  • By properly performing closing processes per period, you can let Plaza-i lock transactions and ensure accuracy of management indexes.
  • Being equipped with abundant functions, Plaza-i realizes internal control corresponding to listed companies.
  • Supporting the electronic ledger storage law, Plaza-i reduces costs required to store and inquire about documents.

Our solutions for you

Plaza-i complies with Japanese local requirements while it supports foreign practices such as 4-4-5 week.

Businesses facing similar challenges

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