Plaza-i Business Analytics


Data output methods can be freely defined and you can analyze data accumulated in the Plaza-i application.

This module enables you to maximally use the data accumulated in Plaza-i application and analyze by extracting the data from many angles you need, not the preset extraction program (SQL).

The structure of Plaza-i data tables and items are opened to all users, and the Users' Guide explains the table information, so you can freely extract data items of Plaza-i.

Product details


Data output methods can be freely defined and you can analyze data accumulated in the Plaza-i application.

Main Menu

Users can decide on names for menu items for their own use.

Detail functions

Extraction Conditions can be Defined Freely

Extract criteria can be specified as other inquiry menus of Plaza-i.
Similar to other Plaza-i inquiry screens such as Sales Detail Inquiry, extract criteria can be specified by date, organizations, items, etc.
Only necessary items can be shown and your desired calculation with any formulas will be available by master settings.
Menu Security and User Caption Master are also available similar to other Plaza-i menus.

Data of Other Modules’ Inquiry Screens can be also Output Freely

Inquiry results of other modules can be also output to selected external files.
For example, selected items of Sales Detail Inquiry (SOE) can be output to an Excel sheet.
The search criteria and output items of each inquiry screen can be used in this module as well, so that it enables you to easily prepare data for further analysis.

Excel Linkage

Excel Linkage

Not only to the normal Plaza-i inquiry screens but to your selected Excel sheet, the output data can be extracted.
Displayed items can be output in a specific Excel sheet template that has been saved as master data, so you can output data source for analytics at a keystroke.
By defining pivot tables, macro functions, or graphs in advance in Excel, summarized information can be easily output with only one-click even if you are not very familiar with Excel functions and formulas.

External Data Coordination

It is possible to perform business analysis including data extracted from other than Plaza-i modules.
You can import data created in outside systems, and combine it with the Plaza-i data for analytics.

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