Plaza-i General Ledger


This is a module used by your accounting department who handles general ledger, trial balance, financial statements, consumption tax, and financial analysis.

Easy-to-use and function-rich accounting system, which has been developed by certified public accountants for 20 years. The best match with the needs of group companies, Japanese companies operating overseas, and foreign companies operating in Japan.

Product details


The Plaza-i General Ledger module shows superior effects in accounting processing because of its bilingual and multi-currency functions, especially in the following companies:

  • Foreign affiliated companies with managers and controllers who are from foreign countries
  • Japanese businesses that expand their business overseas
  • Businesses that handle project management overseas as well as SPC(special purpose company)
  • This module also has full of basic accounting functions. It is equipped with more functions such as management accounting and multi-company processing, and has numerous experience of data cooperation with outside business systems.

Main Menu

  • Journal Entry(Ledger Style、External Data Import)
  • Company/Branch Journal Entry Automatic Journal
  • Journal Approval, and Change History Inquiry
  • General Ledger – Inquiry, Print, and Sub Ledger
  • Trial Balance – Inquiry and Print
  • Matchg, Aging Report
  • Financial Statement and Consolidated F/S
  • Monthly Comparative Financial Statement
  • Financial Statement By Company/By Branch/By Organization By Organization Level
  • Budget/Last Year Comparative F/S
  • Japanese Style Financial Statement Print
  • User Defined Financial Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement、Forecasted Cash Flow
  • Consumption Tax Return
  • FS by Project/FS by Project and Budget Comparative

Detail functions

Variety of Analytic Attributes

Journal entry screen

In addition to basic attributes such as account, organization, consumption tax transaction status, consumption tax rate, description, and currency code, seven other attributes can be keyed in per journal detail;

    1) project code,
    2) employee code,
    3) client code,
    4) 5 user defined codes,
    5) matching number,
    6) due date, and
    7) reference number.

One of the three statuses can be assigned to each account for the above attributes; “input necessary”, “optional input” or “input not permitted”.
Moreover, the attributes from 1) to 4) are reflected in account balances by detail status, therefore, trial balance and financial statement can be output by each attribute.

Internal Controls

Pre-approval journals will not be reflected in account balances until they are approved. Therefore, if you need to see the account balances timely, approval of journal entries is required. Once you approve them, you cannot change or delete the approved ones.
Since it is compliance with electronic bookkeeping law, addition, change and deletion logs of journals are recorded as well as change log of accounts.
Once the final monthly closing process is completed, you cannot enter any journals in the closed month. It is possible to restrict monthly update process of the following months until the final monthly closing of the current month is completed.

Individual Matching

Plaza-i Accounting provides matching of debit and credit entries by sorting journal details by matching number.
Matching currency for both foreign- and home-currency entries.
Furthermore, account balance details and aging report of the past can be output at anytime, which provides assurances for sudden audit.

Consumption tax

Automatic C-Tax Calculation per voucher
Recording suspense paid consumption tax amount in a separate line in journal.
Consumption tax return report which premise the tax included handling of each account.
Also supporting Batch Tax Exclusion.


All accounting items can be managed in projects.
Useful work-in-process transfer function by project, and allocation function among projects.
As a result of the above, it is possible to manage projects within the accounting system, even if project modules that contain functions such as time reports have not been implemented.
It is possible to register project life cycles, and output financial reports by project from which closed projects have been removed.


The handling number of the possible currencies is unlimited substantially.
Automatic conversion of entered currency to home currency.
Financial statements in both home and foreign currency denominations.
Evaluation and record-keeping of realized and unrealized exchange gain/loss at the end of each month.
Book entries can be done in currencies other than the YEN

Multi accounting standard

It is possible to set financial statements formats as many, and to output TB and FS in plural accounting standards.

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