Plaza-i General Purchase


Handles purchase request, purchase orders, inspection, payment request, and budget management, which support workflow.

This module is most suitable for managing purchases of services and goods such as advertisements, printed materials, computer purchases, which require budget management and establishment of request and approval workflow procedure.

It is assumed that this module is used by sales representatives, persons in change of purchasing, and persons who have authority to approve the data, and then payment requests will be sent to accounting department; this module works as a front-end module of the Payable module.

This is best suited for companies who need to strengthen internal control of general expense transactions, or who have foreign currency denominated transactions.
Since this module is bilingual, especially in a foreign affiliated company with non-Japanese-speaking supervisors, we recommend using it together with our Expense Settlement module (EPS).

Product details


If you have any of the following issues regarding services to be recorded as expenses or purchasing of general goods, please consider using this module

  • It takes too much effort to create approval documents.
  • Quotations are approved by hand; therefore, if someone submits the same quotation twice, such quotation may be approved twice.
  • It is troublesome for persons who make requests to manage the status of each request, for instance, to know if the requests have been approved and they are allowed to make purchase orders.
  • In order not to exceed budgets, you receive trial balance every month and calculate total amount of purchase orders using Excel, but it takes too much time.
  • You receive many partial deliveries. Therefore it takes a lot of trouble to compare them with purchase orders.
  • You receive several different quotations and check each unit price at the time of getting quotations, however, once it is ordered, you have no time to check unit prices every time you receive invoices a few months after they are delivered.
  • You only rely on manual checking of received invoices by persons, so you may overlook duplicate billing from vendors.

Main Menu

This module is most suitable for managing purchases of services and goods such as advertisements, printed materials, computer purchases, which require budget management and establishment of request and approval workflow procedure.

  • Request Approval Process Inquiry (Portal Screen)
  • General Purchase Request Entry and Inquiry
  • Purchase Order Print
  • General Purchase Inspection Result Inquiry
  • General Purchase Budget /Actual Inquiry
  • Budget Fiscal Year Master
  • Organization Item Budget Input
  • General Purchase Item Master

Detail functions

Purchase Request Entry

Persons who wish to request purchases make purchase request entries. The name of goods shown in detail lines will be the same ones shown in purchase orders. Since names of ledger accounts and consumption tax related attributes are linked with those goods, it is easy for operational staff to make entries.
You can specify “delivery destination” as well.

Overall Flow

For instance, you can register a rule that any transactions less than 1 million yen require approval by department manager only, but in case of transactions of 1 million yen or more, such transactions need approvals by both chief executive and department manager.
The person who requested the purchase decides approval (circular) route by selecting the required number of “approve by” who have the authority required by Plaza-i based on the requested amount or automatically determine them.
You can choose not to show the transactions, which have not been approved by approvers whose authority level is lower than yourself in the approval screen.

Proxy Request and Proxy Approval

If you are “request by” or “enter by” of general purchase request voucher, you can manipulate the voucher. For instance, you can ask your assistant to enter purchase requests on behalf of yourself by changing “request by” code from the assistant employee code to your employee code.
Or when a person who usually approves your purchase requests is on vacation, you can ask any persons who have the same level authority to approve your requests. Moreover, if the person who usually approves your requests becomes unavailable even after you made purchase requests, you can still change “approve by”.

Inspection Entry Which Handles Partial Delivery

You can make receiving inspection entries every time you receive goods, even if all the goods ordered are not delivered at once.
In master settings, you can choose whether you accept inspection entry when the amount you received is more than you have ordered, and if you do accept, you can decide how much increase you can accept.
This allows you to realize the aim of controlling receiving items (goods and services), only which are approved (and ordered) by appropriate persons.

Checking Budget Status by Organization and Item

Since budget is registered by organization by item, budget amounts and actual amounts can be compared from various viewpoints such as by organization by item, by item by organization, by organization, or by item.
Budget vs. actual comparison is done using request data instead of accounting data, therefore, you can check the budget status at each step of “entered”, “requested” and “approved” in real time without waiting for the inspection.

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