Plaza-i Local Accounting


This module is used by staff at local offices and handles cash and bank accounts, reimbursement, and payment request processes seamlessly with the accounting system of the head office.

This module is for clerks (not by accounting staff) at local offices such as sales branches to handle cashbook entries, reimbursement, and input vendor invoices.

If you have more than five departments who manage petty cash, or you have more than five departments who make payment requests, it is highly recommended that you use this module with Plaza-i Accounting and Plaza-i Payable.

Product details


It is assumed that head office staff will use approval-related menus in Local Accounting, as well as Plaza-i Payable, and Plaza-i Accounting to complete the accounting process of local offices.

This module is highly effective if you staff clerks in local offices, and staff a relatively few accountants in the head office compared to the number of companies, instead of staffing accountants per company for bookkeeping processes of group companies, or in case of shared services.

We have an implementation track record with a company having more than 100 local offices, who is listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Main Menu

This module is highly effective if you staff clerks in local offices, and staff a relatively few accountants in the head office compared to the number of companies, instead of staffing accountants per company.

Menu Used By Local Clerks and Local Administrators
  • Receipt/Disbursement Voucher Entry – Cashbook Entry Format
  • Disbursement Schedule Entry
  • Disbursement Schedule By Denomination, Cashbook Print
  • Payable Entry – Pattern Copy
  • Reimbursement Voucher Entry
  • Suspense Payment Balance List
  • <liReceipt/Disbursement Voucher Transfer

  • Local Payable Entry Transfer
  • Reimbursement Voucher Transfer
Menu Used By Head Office Accountant
  • Receipt/Disbursement Voucher Modification
  • Cash-Related Accounts Transfer
  • Local Payable Entry Modification
  • Cash-Related Accounts Transfer
  • Receipt/Disbursement Voucher Approval, Local Payable Entry Approval, Reimbursement Voucher Approval

Detail functions

Elimination of False Transactions By Checking Data By Local Administrator

Receipt/Disbursement Voucher Entry

Plaza-i Local Accounting prepares simple menus for local administrators. Although local administrators such as office managers are usually not experts in accounting, they are in charge of business operations in local offices and know the local operations inside out.

By interposing local office managers between local clerks and head office accountants, you can establish an appropriate internal control system.

In order to make the transferred data proper accounting data, further check by head office accountants is required. Therefore, the main target of checking by local administrators is to make sure the entered transactions are not false and it’s not the validation from the accounting point of view.

Realizing Workflow of Three Levels

The first level: Clerks in local offices make entries such as cashbook (Receipt/Disbursement Voucher Entry).
In order to determine an approval (circular) route, the requester selects (or has the system automatically select) the required number of approvers who have corresponding authority levels which Plaza-i has determined based on the requested amount.
The second level: Administrators in local offices approve above vouchers using “voucher transfer” menu. When they approve vouchers, data will be transferred to the head office.
The third level: Accountants in the head office modify the transferred vouchers if necessary, and approve those using “modification and approval” menus, and then journals will be automatically created in Plaza-i Accounting and payable vouchers will be automatically created in Plaza-i Payable.

Simple Entry of Payment Request Using Patterns

Local Payable Voucher Entry

The payable entry screen in Local Accounting module is much simpler than the payable entry screen in Payable module (APS).
First of all, only the payees that are used in each local office are selectable, which can reduce input mistakes.
Secondly, when you select a payee, an entry detail pattern for the payee, which is registered beforehand, will be copied. Therefore, you may simply need to change amounts.
If you need to add a detail line, similarly with cashbook entries, you can use transaction accounts instead of ledger accounts. Therefore, local office clerks can easily input invoices.

Very Simple Cashbook Entry

First of all, the cashbook entry format does not require debit and credit entries, which makes it possible for local clerks to make entries intuitively.
Secondly, since it allows you to use transaction accounts, which represent operational terms instead of ledger accounts, it is more accessible to non-accounting persons. It is also possible to show and enable only the transaction accounts, which are used by each local office.
Therefore, even non-accounting office clerks who are not familiar with journals or ledger accounts can use this module easily.
And yet it handles the detail status function used in journal details of Plaza-i Accounting (GLS), which makes it possible to collect appropriate information from local offices in real time.

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