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We strongly recommend using this PC-POS (Point of Sale) system if you are a wholesaler using Plaza-i Sales Management (SOE) and you also sell goods in your retail stores.

If you are a wholesaler who uses Plaza-i Sales Management (SOE), and you also sell goods in your retail stores, we strongly recommend you to use PC-POS (Point of Sale) system.

POS terminals are made by connecting usual Windows PCs with 1) touch panel display with mouse emulation function (example: 15 inch LCD touchmonitor, USB type model 9416TD15/U2-1 by Touch Panel Systems K.K.), 2) barcode reader, 3) EPSON thermal receipt printer TM-T88IIIM or TM-L90M, and 4) EPSON cash drawer DMA-48EDIII or DLA-58EDⅢ.

No special server is required in each store. Local terminals are directly connected to Plaza-i Oracle server located in your head office.
It is assumed that constant connection using VPN is used as a communication method between the head office and each store, but other methods can be applied.
Even if the connection between the head office and each store is cut, it is possible for store staff to continue to process POS terminals.
It is, however, essential for each store to establish connection with the head office when they execute settlement process.

POS is assumed to be used at retail stores in Japan only, and therefore, it is not bilingual and does not handle multi-currency transactions.

Product details


If you already have the Internet VPN connection between the head office and each store, and use Plaza-i, it is possible to start POS operation which handles multiple stores up to 999 immediately after preparing general-purpose hardware such as a relatively inexpensive thermal receipt printer complying OPOS (OLE for Retail POS) advocated by Microsoft Corporation.
That is, unlike POS specialized systems developed by other companies, you do not have to prepare a server or some special hardware equipments in each store. Plaza-i POS system is a system of broadband era.

Link with other Plaza-i ERP modules is 100 % guaranteed, and therefore, for instance, POS system uses Item Master of Plaza-i as is.
POS systems developed by other companies usually require conversion and update process of master files, which is very troublesome, and therefore, in such cases you must have information system staff.

As a cashier operates POS cash register and process transactions, sales is posted and inventory transaction is updated in Plaza-i, which allows head office staff to check each store’s inventory in real time.

As for inventory management and purchase management modules, you can use the existing Plaza-i modules. Therefore, you do not need to use any other applications designed for POS regarding purchase order and physical inventory taking processes.

Menus for head office staff are prepared from the start. Therefore, after daily settlement processes such as sales entry, credit card cash collection, and process of unspecified goods are checked by head office staff, appropriate data will be automatically transferred to other Plaza-i modules including accounting data.

Main Menu

If you are a wholesaler who uses Plaza-i Sales Management (SOE), and you also sell goods in your stores, we strongly recommend you to use PC-POS (Point of Sale) system.

  • Normal Sales(POS Cash Register Screen)
  • Sales Modification
  • Checkout and Settlement
  • Server Data Update
  • Master Data Import
  • PC Environment Setup, Store Operation End
  • POS Operation Process Inquiry
  • Head Office Checkout and Settlement Report Print, POS Sales Receipt Inquiry
  • POS Cash Collection Entry Approval
  • POS Item Master Creation
  • POS Cash Register Master Maintenance, POS Cash Register Setup Pattern Master Maintenance

Detail functions

Sales Entry Screen

POS cash register handles special sales types including sales to own employees, tax exemption, and practice entry.
For items on which you cannot stick a barcode sticker, you can enter an item code by clicking the menu button from menu screen.
Item code search using F5 key and specification of inventory recognition number, which are Plaza-i standard functions, are available.

You can put a transaction on hold, and start processing another transaction for a different customer.
It may be rare to use it in POS system, but you can enter descriptions (memo).
It handles particular kinds of payment methods such as credit card payment for both partial and whole amount, cash voucher payment, and cash voucher change.
You can choose each customer’s attribute such as “male in his 20’s” using 10 different user definable buttons. Along with the weather information selected at the time of starting the cash register operation, such information will be useful to analyze the POS data.


Company logo, advertising logo, or advertising copy can be registered and printed on receipts.
In addition to total amount display, it handles mixture of tax inclusive and tax exclusive goods.
Receipt numbers will be printed on each receipt. Therefore, by reading this number by barcode reader, you can process sales amount correction promptly.
You can also issue Ryoshusho (official receipts).
Settlement reports will also be printed from the thermal receipt printer.

Various Management Functions For Head Office Staff

Transaction data will be posted to Plaza-i Oracle database server located in the head office in real-time. Therefore, you can check operating status of POS of each store and inquire about receipt information while staying in the head office.
If the type of credit card or item code is not determined at the time of entering transactions in cash register, after the cash register settlement is completed at store, which means that after the data is transferred to head office, you can change the credit card company to a correct one, or change the item code to an appropriate one.

Barcode Print

There is a field where you can register JAN code in Item Master in Plaza-i. Also, in order to print the item code which contains alphabets on a barcode sticker, CODE128 is supported. Moreover, it is also possible to get inventory identification number bar-coded and print it on a barcode sticker.

The batch print for your required number of barcode stickers is available.
For instance, you can specify purchase order voucher numbers entered in Plaza-i Purchase Management and print out barcode stickers according to ordered quantity for ordered items, or specify warehouses and print barcode stickers according to inventory quantity for some specific items.

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