Plaza-i Project Management


Best suited for companies who perform cost calculation by project based on input data such as purchases by project by resource, time report, and expense report, and record sales on a construction completion basis or on a construction progress basis.

This module handles cost calculation by project based on input data such as purchases by project and resource, time report, and expense report.

This module is best suited for companies who sum up costs by project, and record sales on a construction completion basis or on a construction progress basis.

Handling foreign currency denominated transactions and being English-Japanese bilingual, this is a must-see software for companies who have overseas projects.

Plaza-i handles “cycle project” which allows you to manage a project annually (or by half-year term, etc.) without creating a new project each year.
Therefore, it is best suited for companies who provide system support services, or accounting firms who require managing continuing projects.

Product details


This module manages costs by project including labor costs of your company employees.

Sales management on a construction completion basis or on a construction progress basis is possible in the construction industry.

Working Budget functions realize ideal profitability management for the construction industry.

Main Menu

  • Project Registration and Approval, Work Budget Registration and Approval
  • Project Sales Order Entry and Approval
  • Cost/Payment Schedule Registration, Expected Expenditure Registration
  • Project Task Progress Process, Monthly Cost Inquiry
  • Project Transaction Inquiry and Entry
  • Expected Cost Entry, Project Completion Specification, Expected Cost Payment
  • Project Completion Recognition Approval
  • Project Sales List
  • Daily Work Report Entry, Approval, Confirmation, and Inquiry
  • Time Report Entry
  • Suspense Payment Request, Approval, and Execution
  • Expense Report Entry and Print, Accountant Approval
  • Work Report Closing
  • Assignment Process Inquiry
  • Work Report Closing
  • Project Purchase Order Approval, Payment Request, Payment Request Form Print
  • Common Project Allocation, Periodic Expense Segregation
  • Cost Management Monthly Report
  • Project Ledger

Detail functions

Working Budget Management by task

You can break each project down into some appropriate tasks, and then register work budget value (hour, amount, etc.) for each task. Multiple-levels of tasks can be defined reflecting WBS (work breakdown structure).
When you register work budget, you can use the functions such as comparison with estimated cost at the time of proposal, setup of common task, and automatic copy from task pattern.

Expense Report Which Handles Suspense Payment

Daily Work Report Entry Screen

Maximum expense amount, replenishment amount, and maximum balance of suspense payment can be set up by resource (employee or site).
Suspense payment, which is requested in Project Management module and then of which payment is processed in Payable module, will be automatically recorded for the appropriate resource, and the balance will be managed until full amount is settled.
As in the case of time report, each resource can only report expenses for the assigned projects and tasks.
Each employee will enter expense reports (expenses can be entered every day in daily work reports), print it, attach evidence documents, and submit it to accounting department.
Accounting staff can check who has submitted expense report by looking at a list, and approve each report as checking evidence documents.
This module outputs Petty Cash Denomination List that is useful to reimburse employees in cash. In addition, Petty Cash Receipt Report helps you to make sure that every employee will get reimbursed.
If the amount to be paid exceeds suspense paid amount and additional payment is required, payable data will be transferred and recorded automatically in Payable module after the approval by accounting department.
If the expense report amount is equal to or less than suspense paid amount, and therefore no payment is required, a journal which settles suspense payment will be automatically created and transferred to Accounting module.
While including complicating factors such as entry linked with daily work report and payment/settlement of suspense payment, if each person follows the processing flow, expense settlement, which can be a very troublesome task, will be completed at low cost and in a short period of time in Plaza-i.

Project Purchase

If you are outsourcing some specific task, you can record costs for such task.
Since Plaza-i allows you to register payment schedule before purchase order is placed or before you receive invoices, it realizes highly accurate cash flow management.
By executing payment request, payable data will be transferred to Payable module and project transaction will be automatically created at the same time.
Also, you can start by requesting a quote.
In this case, via vendor registration, printing out request for quotation, and quotation confirmation, a purchase order voucher will be generated and output.
As you register a yield and perform approval in the purchase order voucher, payment request data will be transferred to Payable module.
You can print a payment request form, attach invoices from suppliers or subcontractors, and submit it to accounting department.
Payment deduction, which is one of business customs in the construction industry, is supported.

Early Detection of Loss-making Projects by Expected Payment Registration

Estimated cost can be registered per task from early stages of projects in Plaza-i.
Estimated cost can be an initial work budget amount, purchase order amount when a supplier is decided, or highly accurate estimated cost depending on the progress status of each project.
By entering an adjusting amount on a monthly basis, you can check estimated final profits timely and regularly.
Therefore, accuracy of cost management by project will be improved dramatically, which allows you to take an appropriate action at an early stage.

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