Plaza-i Sales Management


Supports quotation, sales orders, shipping instructions, sales, sales returns, and sales reports for merchandising businesses who handle purchases and sales of goods.

This module handles sales processes from quotation, sales orders, shipping instructions, sales, sales returns, and to sales reports for companies of merchandising business who sell purchased goods.

It is standard to equip it with abundant functions to support various business practices, not to mention foreign currency denominated sales and exports.
We recommend using it in combination with our Logistics and Inventory Management (DRS) module, and Purchase Management (PUR) module.

Japanese trading companies between five and a few hundred employees, sales companies, foreign affiliated companies, etc. are using this module.

Product details


In addition to such basic functions as inventory allocation and credit limit, this sales management module is characterized by partial shipping instructions, advance received, sales order/purchase order entry, exports, and more. This is the best solution if you handle operations mentioned here.

This is a unique ERP package system that provides a large number of functions to handle foreign trades such as foreign currency transactions, output in English, allocation of related expenses, trading-related reports (e.g., invoices and packing lists), and more.

This module is suitable for fabless companies with component parts such as large-scale machine and retailing furniture industries. Based on one single sales order voucher entry, total management of supplying inventories with/without charge, changing components due to specifications, requests for product assembly, and receiving finished goods is possible; consequently, you can reduce mistakes in distribution arrangements and eliminate the hassles of duplicate entries.

Main Menu

  • Quotation Entry, Quotation Print, Inventory Reservation
  • Transaction Request
  • Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Approval
  • Sales Return Instruction, Inventory Transfer Instruction
  • Sales Voucher Entry, Direct Delivery Sales/Purchase Entry
  • Inventory Inquiry by Item, by Warehouse
  • Sales Detail Inquiry, ABC Analysis
  • Sales Analysis by Rep, by Customer, by Item
  • Sales Comparative Reports: Budget, Last Year, and Three-Year
  • Sales Report by Fiscal Year

Detail functions

Plaza-i Takes Care of Day-to-day Sales Analysis

Complete Sales Order Entry Screen

This module can retrieve sales details from various perspectives, output on screen, and transfer to an Excel file. Also, an ABS analysis is possible using various axes such as customer, item, sales representative, shipping destination, project, etc.

Full Range of Monthly Reporting Functions

Not only simple search of sales details, Plaza-i also summarizes sales results on a monthly basis from three perspectives: sales representative and organization, customer summary, and item summary. In addition, you can set up budgets per each of them.

Using the abovementioned function, this module outputs monthly comparative reports per one of the three perspectives and reports where departments are deployed horizontally by item summary. Furthermore, sales comparative reports for budget, last year, and three-year are output by one of the three perspectives.

Complete Sales Order Entry Screen

Plaza-i allows you to register a large number of management items in Sales Order Voucher; however, all you need to input are customer, delivery date, item code, and sales order quantity only. Others can be copied from Customer Master, etc.

You can also input the sales order quantity by selecting an item from the Inventory List screen. Plus, you can import sales order data via external data files.

Supporting Multiple Business Locations

Distribution centers usually ship out goods, but you have multiple business locations nationwide and each has stocks on hand and occasionally handles procurement; in this case, Plaza-i makes it possible for each location to perform arrangements for other location, shipping from distribution centers, and distribution arrangements by location, in addition to such regular processes by distribution centers as procurement of sales order and purchase order items, distribution arrangements, and stock-in/out.

Thus, using Plaza-i, you can build up a logistics and sales management system where your distribution center and multiple locations are optimized.

Supporting Fabless Manufactures and Constructors

Our sales order entry screen supports fabless manufactures and constructors since the procurement method mentioned earlier ranges widely from Automatic SO/PO, Purchase application PO by sales rep., Purchase request to the procurement department, to Quotation request, not only allocation of on-hand inventory.

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