We deliver a genuine all-in-one ERP package system,
Plaza-i, for specific businesses, and continue to support their business growth.
That is Business Associates.


We have been providing business solutions and supporting midsize businesses for a quarter century.

Since its foundation in 1987, Business Associates has designed and developed business application systems mainly for midsize companies engaging in a wide range of businesses such as wholesaling and retailing, various service providers, companies requiring project management, trading companies and Japanese companies expanding their businesses overseas, and foreign companies operating in Japan (Gaishi-kei).

By providing our clients with system solutions, we continue to support their growth to this day: what we realized are a system consolidation for trading companies and fabless manufacturers; a system to manage a wide range of complicated tasks such as sales of system maintenance services and project job cost; and a structure for headquarters to manage domestic and overseas locations using different languages and tax laws.

Our competitive edge is the all-in-one ERP - covering unique operations to some specific business categories.

Our solution’s core is the ERP package system, Plaza-i. This system is 100% our original. Not only an accounting system that is easy to be standardized, but this all-in-one ERP package system reflects business practices as well as incorporates basic functions that differ from business to business.
Plaza-i maintains more than an 80% match among a diverse array of business categories while around a 60% match is decent in ERP package systems. You do not need to spend enormous time and energy on defining system requirements. In addition, our system supports multiple languages and accounting standards of several countries.

The predecessor system to Plaza-i was released in 1995, equipped with know-how of English accounting practices required among foreign affiliated companies and business practices and traditional operations for some specific business categories. We are making systems in compliant with IFRS ever since our foundation.
We then expanded modules and enhanced sales-related systems by replacing large-scale ERP systems and entrusted development systems and created the “genuine all-in-one ERP package system”, Plaza-i, which has been evolving to this day.

  1. 1Reduced installation workload
    and short time to go-live.
  2. 2Preliminary check of the operating
    status by CRP
  3. 3Extensive use of package system
    and effective customization
  4. 4Secure migration

Support our clients  continuously - that is our DNA

One of our mottos is “continuous support”.
We think it is impossible to support our clients’ growth on the premise of major upgrade after 5 years. That is why we assume to provide at least 20 years of customer support. Our clients can fully focus on their own growth without wasting considerable costs incurred each time of system upgrade or time required for product inspections and installation trainings.

Our aim is to empower midsize companies striving to grow their businesses. Based on this concept, Business Associates was founded by our current president who worked for a large foreign affiliated accounting firm and is a licensed system audit technician.
Our employees take over this decision and his abundant management and IT know-how through strict in-house trainings. Without relying on temporary employment agencies or associate companies, we engage in from design, development, distribution, to maintenance and continue to support our clients.