Plaza-i User’s Guide

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Plaza-i Users Guide For English

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APS Accounts Payable pdf
ARS Accounts Receivable pdf
BAS Business Analytics pdf
CMN Common pdf
DRS Distribution and Inventory System pdf
EPS Expense Settlement pdf
FAS Fixed Asset Management pdf
FEC Forward Exchange Contract pdf
GLS General Ledger pdf
GPM General Purchase Management pdf
JNL Auto Journal pdf
MNT Maintenance Management pdf
MST Master Data Control pdf
PYR Payable pdf
PRJ Project Management pdf
PRI Project Inventory Management pdf
PUR Purchase Management pdf
SFM Sales Force Management pdf
SOE Sales Order Entry Management pdf
SRP Sales Report pdf
SVC Service Sales Management pdf
SVP Service Purchase Management pdf
THR Client Relation Management pdf
USR User Parameter Control pdf


The Plaza-i authorized users as of the update month below can download Plaza-i User’s Guide (PDF file) by clicking on the following modules.
In case the download does not start after a click, right-click the link, and then select ‘Open in New Window’ or ‘Save Target As’ from the context menu.
Make sure to comply with the terms of ‘Software License Agreement’ set forth in the Cover chapter of the downloaded User’s Guide.
Please note that it is strictly prohibited to let non-authorized users know the information of this website and to distribute copies of the downloaded User’s Guide to non-authorized users.